It is almost 2013 and with that, comes a never endless strive towards adventure, novelty and wanderlust. I sit here, on a well deserved holiday in the tropical breezes of florida, and i breathe in deeply the cool, heavy air. I am alive and I am grateful for all I have accomplished and experienced in the last year. I am a teacher to those young hearts, the future of our world. I am a creator of wearable art. I am a companion to those friendships I cherish deeply and passionately. I am a daughter to brilliant parents who are finding and seeking their own inner peace. I am a lady, a gatherer of experience and aware of the beauty that is everywhere around me. I am happy where I am, and can only move forward on this journey I call life. I thank all those who have surrounded me during the past few difficult years, and have now more than ever realized the importance of true friendship. 

Here is to a wonderful 2013.