Happy New Year to all. With a relaxed and rejuvinated psyche from the the beaches Florida, I am ready to take on all the challenges the new year brings. A little update: I am halfway through my credential program at Saint Marys. By the end of the summer, I will have my Teaching Credential and my Masters in Education. With hard work and dedication I continue on the path in seeking a dutiful career. With this credential, I have the freedom to really go anywhere; Im thinking San Diego, Santa Barbara or Seattle. I have lived in the Bay area for 25 years more or less and I feel it is the time for change.

I am working on new designs for Goldielockes as the new year begins. I aspire to keep the designs au natural like the waves of the sea. Ivory, bone,tropical seashells and african brass will be part of the upcoming BRASSnBONE collection. I hope to post all new designs by mid February.

And to leave you with some photographs of my recent holiday to Florida. Here's to 2012!