New Funky Goddess Hoops

Hello all. Can you believe it is already May? Where does the time go. My goodness; This month brings my 25th Birthday, and the start of School. I have decided to go back to School and pursue a Masters in Education, so I will certainly have my hands full.

A few happenings around here:

1) About a month ago, My Drivers License was stolen, and since then I have been going through disastrous measures dealing with the consequences. The woman who stole it rented two vehicles from Fox Rent a Car, and was involved in two hit and run accidents. In addition, she hit a Pedestrian, and racked up over 30 Toll Violations. Please keep your Identity protected, as I do not want anybody I know dealing with this vulnerable situation.

2) This month (the 26th), I turn a ripe old twenty five years of age; a quarter century! I intend to celebrate all month, but there is also that ringing in the back of my head telling me to grow up and start a life with full conscience and responsibility. May I have both, Sir?!