winter holiday

I am in full hibernation mode and deservingly so. After a steady 8 months of work; between La Boulange, teaching, and working on my designs, I have quite proudly done an abundant amount of sitting, plopping, whatever you want to call it here in chilly Maine. My mom moved back here about a year ago to be closer to family and although I come here every summer to visit our familie's Lake House, I had never come during the Winter Months. With 40 being the daily high, I have cozied up under blankets and wool socks watching whole seasons of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I spent an entire afternoon preparing and cooking down lemons (recipie to follow) for a caramelized lemon preserve. Today my Mom and I took a drive down to Old Orchard Beach to pick up shells (and plenty there were!), take photographs, and walk the town. The town was creepingly deserted, as it comes alive only in the Summer months, and I was a kid in a candy store taking photographs of beaten, closed down shops, and quiet lots. We ate a seafood dinner at Muddy Rudder, and as I write this, we knit into the night. I picked up two whole bags of seashells and I'm excited to get home with a fresh conscience to start working on my designs again