jungle creatures

i have decided...i am meant to live in the deep jungle lushness of the south american lands. you know, sometimes where you just have that calling? that magnetic attraction that resides within your soul about where you need to be? well, i am pulled continuously to the lands of lush. no more concrete jungle.

i have but a week left before i take off to barcelona and the south of spain to lay and roll in the sun warmed sands on the mediterranean coast. words cannot describe the anticipation i feel at this moment. frankly, i just really need to get outta town. monotony mixed with all things going on with my family, I just need a second to breathe in peace. amber will be there at the airport waiting, (with a sign, she's said), and I am ecstatic to spend this special voyage with her.

what may come of this summer, I shall only see? I have some projects aligned. my freedom to travel be at the top of the list. I must be outside that's for sure. I am more into my photography now more than ever, so where the path leads I will only follow it with openness and acceptance.