fiesta, fiesta

So, i know these two beezies... Carissa and Amy.

And whilst they are the most intelligent, artistic, colorful ladies I know, we always manage to get in the MOST trouble when the three of us are together. Think Drunk Charlie's Angels. Wrecking Havoc in the sreets of San Francisco, flailing our intoxicated bodies, to the beats of nineties pop classics. Basking in the unwelcomed attention of odd commodities (also known is creeper mcgees), admiring our uncensored pelvic gestures.

So my newest project, interviewing the loves in my life. The cool kids. The hooligans. So with that being said, here are a few composed, written sentences I jotted down one lovely night in the glorious glowing auras of Carissa and Amy...

ME: So, Tell me about your outfits tonight...
(Regarding the Mexican Print Linen Dresses They were sporting on Cinco De Mayo)...

AMY: I got my (dress) at Goodwill and hemmed it by myself. Hand stitched. Three Dollars on Haight.
CARISSA: I got mine in the Mission District at Close Contact for no more than ten dollars.

ME: "And, what about this new "business" slash "hobby" you have goin on. A collaboration between the two of you.."

AMY: Our video blog, . It's about whatever we fancy...She goes on to mention that "whatever" includes such topics as bras, bodies, sex and drinking. Forget censoring, these girls lay it all out. Truth be Told. By the way, ITSSOJ translates into; Is This Some Sort of Joke?!

ME: "So, basically, GLUTTONY?"

CARISSA: ALL the seven deadly sins in ITSSOJ!

ME: Fave spot in the city?

CARISSA; You can find me down at Ocean Beach, Dolores Park for together times, and Union Square for people watchin' and coffee.

ME: Single and Ready to Mingle?

AMY: Sure! Im having fun...Until I meet someone worth investing time into.
CARISSA: I like to "mingle" (as she giggles). There is no denying the mingle.
ME: I'm in.

ME: What are you listening to right now?
CARISSA: My i-pod is on shuffle; But will always be a No Doubt fanatic. The Tragic Kingdom was heard blasting through the speakers as we cruised through the city later that night.
AMY: On roatation; My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, Kings of Leon, TV on the Radio

Check out their shennanigans, and loose conversations acoompanined by pints of Ben and Jerry's HERE.