Birthday Extravegance

I must say, this week has been chalk fulled of the fanciest meals and the best company one could ask for. Family in town, Friends all around.
This week I seemed to carry steadfast momentum, and the whirlwind but continues.

Live Portuguese Music, garlic roasted edemamae, and fantastic seaweed salad with orange and a citrus dressing at Yoshi's

Seared Tuna Filets, and the Freshest Lime Margaritas with sea salt at Stanfords

Good ol' Southern Soul food at Farmerbrown . My friends and I managed to try almost everything on the menu; from sweet potato fries, to BBB ribs, fried chicken, to the spiciest veggie jambalaya. Creamy Rich Mac n' Cheese, and hot from the oven corn bread n butta. scrumptious. oh and the drinks were all the merrier as well. Everything is organically and sustainably grown as well, and its their priority to support local African American farmers. props.

A hungover and still drunk from the night still in tack (almost)... breakfast at the The Pork Store Cafe at Haight and Ashbury...
With coffee to ease the pounding headache, and a pesto, feta egg scramble with the crispiest has browns on the side, I was magically cured.

After a run in golden gate park, the foggy mist gave Amber and I quite the caffeine cravings so we headed to Citizen Cake this fine Saturday afternoon and had a brunch to die for. English Breakfast tea with cream and sugar, (Amber had the Chai), a salad of crisp greens and red sherry vinaigrette to share, and for me The most wonderful combination of organic creamy yogurt, nutty fruit filled granola, and the freshest picked fruits. Amber had the avocado, Gruyere cheese, and fried egg breakfast sandwich. For dessert we split the most decadent passion fruit and coconut cake, along with the mocha-chocolate cake.

And who can forget, my most favorite of all... Plutos with their luscious greens, and fresh veggies. There are a million and one possibilities for salad creations. And the cilantro lime dressing is the tangiest, and makes the whole salad come together perfectly. Beets, portebello mushroom, onion, tomato, pepporchini, kidney beans, and strawberries...what could be better in the whole entire universe. I can think of nothing!

The Fanciest.