previous work

As May approaches, I am balancing both school and creative dabbling...Graduation is soon approaching (thank the lord almighty), and the summer shall bring new and exciting projects, as I have many ideas coming to a boil. In addition to this, i am trying to compile an installation for my first photography show taking place at 111 Minna Gallery on May 22. Thanks to Carissa, who's blog you can check out here, I feel I've finally been given the chance to put a foot in the door. I've nestled on the idea of collecting Polaroids (my favorite ones) in an array of brightly colored frames (those of which I am still scowering the hoods of San Francisco for).

I'm just really seeking progress creatively right now, so with that said...I really just want to use this blog to promote work (both wordly and visually), and keep the thought process on a continuum.