i've tickled my fancy

I believe that everyone has a universal need to belong, and where one feels "in" with "it", if it could be more simply put, depends on your own personal experience. Where I settle and belong, I shall remain....its just the question of getting there.

This weekend, I accompanied my dear friend Amber up to Southern Orgeon after she so spontaneously asked me a few days before if I would be interested in going. Without question I agreed (as I enjoy tickling my adventurous spirit), and before long we were putting on up the lonely and open roads of Highway 5.

Oregon, man...is it something else. I romantically find myself in love with the place, as it remains in many places untouched, and unbothered, its character secured deep within its lush green forests. The place; slowed to more of a graze or shmoozing appeal was in fact the most noticeable trait in Ashland. Everyone just walks around in an enjoyable state of being, no rushing here or there, no loud booms or need to be heard seen touch felt noticed etc. No pompous dicks or arrogant bastards, thank you jesus.

the best part; we shacked up in a land sprawled home with a farm fit for a king! Dan had live chickens, a vineyard, apple orchards, and every imagineable vegtable growing in abundance from the ground. I was in heaven. I have soon to go back, hopefully for a ski trip when the mountains are blanketed under fresh powder. And for a fresh breath of air to say the least.