back and forth

the cyclical journey that i refer to as school has begun its path yet again. to alleviate the typicalities of sitting in too small of seats, note-taking, memorization of useless facts and the like..I've added a rather exciting addition this semester; that being Photojournalism. With a new Canon Rebel in tow and a knack for discovering this crazy city I dwell in, I'm thinking this semester will be one huge visual orgasm.

My professor, an interesting breed: a beefy "surfer dude" who works for the Contra Costa Times has the breezy, easy going appeal that brings extra room for creativity and isn't so caught up in the formalities. (phew!) Just what I do not need, is another teacher stuck in these pre-formatted molds. 

So great!... picture taking, story telling, moseying about the streets of San Francisco shooting through the lens; the path of my existance.