Return to the Motherland ; California

It's been three years since I moved away from my soul and motherland , California. Although I miss it every day, I know that there may be a chance to many visits and encounters to come. I had the wonderful opportunity this February to return with Bryan to San Francisco Bay Area, and show him the beautiful land that I grew up in for 30 years. It was wonderful seeing everything from his eyes. We hiked, we explored, we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway, he surfed Santa Cruz among st obese lions, we were greeted with the finest cali herb from our bartender, we ate Indian food buffet in downtown Berkeley. It was a cultural , colorful mindfuck and I loved every minute. At that time, California Coastline was experiencing major flooding, so it inhibited our opportunity to get to Big Sur, which I so ggreatly wanted Bryan to experience. However, we did get to hike the Southern end of Big Sur and view some of the most divine coastal scenery in the entire world. I forever miss California.

One of Bryans request as a seasoned sailor was to see all of the boats in the Sausolito Marina. We were able to see gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in all its golden glory. We took a walk in my favorite place in San Francisco; Golden Gate Park and sipped local brews at Alembec Brewery on Haight Street.

Bryan and I were able to enjoy a few amazing solo hikes along the Monterey, Santa Cruz coastline under massive Redwood trees, with moist cool canopy and funky mushrooms. The wild flowers were everywhere after heavy Spring rains.

Besides some amazing hikes, we stayed in Santa Cruz where Bryan surfed at Pinnacles. We took Bikram classes at the local yoga studio, and got to meet some amazing locals. I had always took day trips to Santa Cruz as a kid, but spending 4 days there, I really appreciated the mix of city/beach/college town life.

I was also so blessed to see some of my nearest and dearest friends while visiting: Amber & Paveland their son Remy, and Steve and Lisa and their two boys; Gio & Luca. Amber's beautiful mountain home in Arnold, California is a beautiful, serene town amongst trees and snowy mountain tops. A beautiful place to raise their (almost 2) year old son, who I love and adore. I also got to meet baby Luca who is a spitting image of their father Steve. Even though time passes, it is always a blessing to see friends that have been through everything with you.