Foxtail x Goldielockes Collab

A duet of beauty // Its always such an honor to meet and collaborate with other young talented women who are small business owners like myself. Those who are inspired to make products filled with creativity and have the divinity and grace of a woman's touch. Kristen, of Foxtail is of the mentioned and is the Owner and creator of Foxtail Water Kefir.


Foxtail by vegan chef and wellness coach Kristen; is a fermented water kefir made with local and seasonal ingredients; (Blackberry leaf & Maqui Berry, Yum!). It comes in the the cutest, resuable and environmentally conscious bottles, too!.

The girls are wearing Goldielockes turquoise and brass stacking bracelets. Don't the bracelets and water kefit just make one another pop!?

You can read more about Foxtail here on her website

Thank You for modeling Kristen & Shantescia

Products: Foxtail + Goldielockes Designs

Photography: Sarah Fredricks

Location: Marando Farms, Fort Lauderdale